JANUARY 20, 2019

A documentary film about the Betty and Barney Hill Incident, an “alien abduction” that occurred in the unique area of rural Northern New Hampshire in 1961.

Director – Adam Bartley
Cinematography – Ian “Pyro” Filipovic
Editor – Zhenya Dolzikov
Assistant Editor – Zach Powers
Post Production Producer – Zach Powers
Interview Audio – Adam Bartley

“My name is Michael Bruno, and I’m a teacher at White Mountains Regional High School in Whitefield, New Hampshire. I live in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. The state of New Hampshire has 258 markers that are installed. This marker was installed in 2011. It’s probably one of the more contemporary markers, and it is about a couple that are from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, named Betty and Barney Hill. They were there traveling from their own vacation up in Niagara Falls and then to Montreal, and as they were coming home on September 19, 1961, Betty noticed something in the sky that didn’t look normal. As they were driving south on Route Three they noticed that it was it was still with them, and as they got closer here after they went through Franconia Notch, they actually stopped the car to take a look at it. They actually stopped in Twin Mountain at a place called Mount Cleveland Lookout. They walked the dog there, looking at the sky, and they still saw it, but it was at this point here where they got close to them, and they believe it was somewhere in this vicinity of this marker where they were believed to be abducted.”